Aleen Ball

For someone who grew up believing volunteering is just what you do, Aleen Ball has volunteered at many places, but has truly found a home volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House. Her first involvement with RMHC-OKC began in June 2017.  She volunteered to review scholarship applications, and while at the Scholarship Recipient Luncheon, she learned more about what Ronald McDonald House does and wanted to help families more directly.

“I knew about the boxes at McDonald’s, but I didn’t know how valuable this organization was and what they did,” said Aleen Ball.  “When I realized all the families they helped and how, I knew that was an organization that I wanted to be a part of.”

In October 2017, Aleen started volunteering at the front desk of the Ronald McDonald House.

“I love volunteering at the House,” said Aleen Ball.  “It’s a very calming and cheerful atmosphere.  I think it’s great that there’s a place for people to go that they don’t have to worry where they’re going to sleep or where they’re going to eat.  They can focus on their child.”

Aleen’s smiling face can be seen every other Monday at the front desk of the Ronald McDonald House at The Children’s Hospital.