Working together to support families when they need it the most

Susan Adams
President and Chief Executive Officer
Susan Adams
Phone: 405.424.6873 ext. 104
Fax: 405.424.0919

Director of Development
John Strah
Phone: 405-424-6873 ext. 106
Fax: 405-424-0919

Development Manager
Rachel Abney
Phone: 405-424-6873 ext.107
Fax: 405-286-4781

Capital Campaign Manager
Mati White
Phone: 405-424-6873 ext. 102
Fax: 405-424-0919

Volunteer Manager
Judy Baldridge
Phone: 405-271-3193
Fax: 405-271-3182

Ronald McDonald Family Room Manager
Lauren Elliott
Phone: 405-271-3737