Cooper Bartley

Cooper Bartley was born the spring of 2015 at St. John Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and was medi-flighted to Oklahoma City. Although baby Cooper was born full term and at a healthy birth weight, his little heart had some big problems.

His parents, Heather and Judd, walked an incredibly difficult road as Cooper underwent multiple heart procedures, including open heart surgery. They stayed by his side continually at the hospital and lived and breathed the ups and down of helping their son fight for his life–minute by minute, day by day, night by night.

During their stay at our Ronald McDonald House®, they received much needed encouragement from one of our guest chefs, who had stayed at our Ronald McDonald House 17 years prior when her son was in the NICU at The Children’s Hospital. They shared their stories with each other. Meeting and visiting with our guest chef and her son, who was healthy after multiple surgeries, gave them hope and strength at a time when they needed it most.

The Bartley’s said they are grateful for the rest, care and support they received at Ronald McDonald House Charities® Oklahoma City.